Entering 2022 Fearlessly

Walking into 2022 with my eyes up and my heart open. Trying so hard to find the light and be the light. Making sure that I’m also fully processing my emotions. I decided that my word for 2022 is going to be FEARLESS.

Let go and let God. I want to be fearless as a wife. I want to be fearless as a mom. I want to be fearless as a boss. After our loss right before Christmas, I just feel a sense of need. Needing to let go of other peoples’ opinions.

I want to get rid of the fear and anxiety that can creep into my days. I want to open my eyes and look to the Lord and know that He has everything under control. Especially when I don’t.

Do you pick a word or a scripture that you try to use as a home base for your year? A year of growth? A year of intention? I’ve seen so many words thrown out. Contentment. Perseverance. Consistency. Resilience.

If you had to pick a word to pursue, or a quote to live by, or a piece of scripture to carry close to your heart, what would it be?

I’m starting to feel more like myself again. I’m starting to feel the passion for my job again. I’ve been drowning a little. Getting something to focus on, has been super helpful. Focusing on my LimeLife business and now the start of tax season, I feel better equipped to take on the year.

The days are easy to get through. I’m still having nights where I can’t hold myself together, so Bryan holds me together. If you made it this far, I hope you’re finding the first couple of days of 2022 relaxing and happy.

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