Back to the Grind

Finding that rhythm. Shew. Getting the kids back into a schedule when we haven’t had one for weeks is NOT easy. My goodness I am kind of dreading getting up in the morning and taking them to school. The boys are even apprehensive, and I pray we aren’t going to be starting all over again.

                I so badly wanted to be overly organized by the time they were set to go back, but I am far from it. I have all of my Christmas stuff taken down but none of it is put away. I am SO close to having all of my laundry done, but everyday we wake up and put on different clothes. I haven’t figured out how to make that stop. My best friend suggests a nudist colony. I don’t think that’s a direction we’re looking to go, but it was a fun thought. Thinking about never having to worry about the laundry again.

                Brooke starts back to gymnastics again this week, while the boys have the week off of T-Ball. It’s been fun to watch them become interested in sports. Brooke is obsessed with her big cousin and her big cousin is pretty awesome at gym, so Brooke is pretty obsessed with it herself. She’s also having so much fun which is really what it’s all about.

                She’s gaining coordination and listening skills and also making friends. The boys are adjusting and having so much fun playing ball. They’re learning new skills and learning to listen to a coach. All the things that a year ago, they wouldn’t do. They wouldn’t even go into their mini ninjas class because they were so shy and honestly just terrified to do it.

                They’ve come into their personalities. People ask all the time if they are all similar. While they do have their similarities, they definitely have their differences. Different likes and dislikes. It’s fun to learn all the things that make them tick.

                Sitting here knowing that we’re getting back at things tomorrow, I’ll miss them. I’ll miss the day in and day out of just being here. I know many parents get so excited to have their kids back in school. With preschool they aren’t really gone long enough for me to truly get too much done. I have to turn around and be ready to pick them up.

                Do you struggle getting back into a routine? Or do you stay as much on routine as you can? We definitely try to be consistent with bedtime. Although, it’s definitely not as strict. We take our time a little more. Read just one more book. Have just one more conversation.

                I’m back to my lists. I have my day mapped out to get the most out of it. I feel accomplished just to have my planner written out through Thursday. Tonight, I’ll cross a couple things off my ‘to do’ list so I don’t have to do as much tomorrow.

                I hope you’ve had an amazing first week of 2022. And I hope you know just how much Jesus loves you!

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