I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Catch Up!

I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

Four weeks. It’s been four weeks since we’ve been a functioning family. Hand Foot and Mouth swept through and the only one left unscathed was Bryan. It was rough but mostly I just felt bad for the babes. They handled it like champs and ultimately, mine was worse than what they had. I was so relieved. I’m glad they didn’t have to experience what I did and I’m also glad that I didn’t have it at the same time as them. That could’ve been disastrous.

If hand foot and mouth wasn’t enough, we were finally free from the house and Brody got hit hard with an upper respiratory infection. Last Monday evening, Brody’s breathing became labored, and we hurried to the emergency room. After a steroid and a breathing treatment, Brody perked up and I felt massive amounts of relief.

Walking in the emergency room, the smells, the beeps, even the hand sanitizer smell reminded me of the NICU. I was having flashbacks watching Brody struggle and even now, a week later, I’m struggling to wrap my head around the fact that everyone is okay.

We ended up at the doctor’s office the next day because he wasn’t completely better. They, thankfully, sent us home with a machine so we could do the breathing treatments at home. Brayden got sick by Wednesday, and we knew at that point we weren’t going to get to celebrate a normal Thanksgiving.

Brody’s covid test was negative so we knew we were dealing with an actual respiratory infection and by Friday the doctor was calling in a steroid for Brayden. They took the breathing treatments and medicine like champs and Brooke managed to hold strong and not get sick. Brody even gets to tell his exciting adventure of riding in a wheelchair. That makes it a little easier to deal with. He seems to have a positive outlook on all of it which makes me feel better.

So grateful that we have pulled through and the kids got to go back to school today. They were so excited to see their friends again but now I’m left with the aftermath. I am a strict, one load of laundry a day, mom. That hasn’t happened in almost a month. I have folded a load here or there, and a ton of laundry got washed but none of it got put away.

I’m drowning in dishes and laundry and mess. Luckily, I know there is a huge difference in messy and dirty. I just feel that with the Christmas season rapidly approaching and my being a month behind, and LimeLife having huge sales every time I turn around, this has been wild.

I’m so thankful for the ability to have a flexible schedule but I also know I need to get my butt in gear. I was excited to be able to sit down and write to all of you and I’m glad that is one thing I got to do for myself.

Now, before I wade into the laundry monstrosity, I hope you’re all doing great and if there is ever any way I can be praying for you PLEASE reach out and let me know!!! Happy Tuesday!

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