The Ebbs and Flows

Balancing, juggling, twisting, turning, and bending over backwards. All things that we try to be capable of doing at the same time. Just as soon as you think you have it all figured out, another milestone hits and everything is completely different. We spend a lot of time waiting for the next thing. Waiting for just a little bit more independence and then as soon as we get it, that twinge of disappointment hits.

Where has the time gone? How did I wish for that to be over? It’s so hard to focus on the day in and day out when that is so exhausting. It takes its toll but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our weeks consist of preschool, playing outside, learning new things, church, and having as much fun as we possibly can.

We love crafting and being outside as much as we can. Some days are long, but we are so blessed that for the most part, the three of them get along really well. It is not without its trials. We have days where I am ready for bed before they are, but you push through, right?

It’s just what you do when you have to. We just finished with Halloween and I swear every year I say is my favorite. This year, they were completely aware of the assignment. They knew exactly what they had to do and they had so much fun. We saw family and they got to hang out with their cousins. The candy topped off a perfect day for them.

It wasn’t a day filled with wondering when they would nap, or if they would be over tired when it was time to come home. Days where running around with three babies seemed impossible. Days where I would almost dread because it was just SO much. Those days are now gone. The kids are so grown up even at 4 1/2. I’m glad I always pushed through the dread. I’m glad that we have so many memories of them as babies with family.

It was not always easy, in fact I’m not sure it was ever easy, but I am eternally grateful that we pushed through. Sitting here laughing as I type all of this as my kids accuse Bryan of eating some of their Halloween candy. Brooke says she saw him. The boys say it was their candy. Bryan and I share a good laugh because we know they have more candy than they could ever ingest.

These are the days I dreamed of. The days where we can laugh and share stories and even sit down long enough to type out this blog. Not to say I don’t miss my littles. They were squishy and cute and they always needed me. I also always knew exactly where they were.

We hope you had the best Halloween. We are so looking forward to this season. On to Thanksgiving where we can teach our kids the way of gratitude. Sharing with each other what we’re thankful for. Making sure that loved ones know exactly how much we love them.

2 thoughts on “The Ebbs and Flows

  1. What a wonderful family you & Brian have made. To have the patience of Jobe through raising them is unbelievable. The long nights, early mornings, dressing, feedings, doctors, laundry, bathing of 3 little ones is more than I can imagine. But what a wonderful blessing you all 5 have. 💙💖💙


    1. Jody this is so sweet! We are so very blessed!


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