Well, that was fun!

Guys, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me where I was this week! I’m so sorry! I ended up with the flu. Thankfully, so far, the Babes have not gotten sick. I have a book release coming up next week and I had to rewrite a chapter. The babes haven’t been sleeping great, so Bryan and I haven’t been sleeping great.

One fun thing we did this week, was the kids took on their first Brand rep job. We took pictures this week and they turned out great! We are really happy with Fashionistots.com The quality of the outfits is amazing. I was nervous because you never know what you’re getting into. So far, the company itself is extremely reliable and the outfits are so cute!

I have about six loads of laundry to catch up on and Bryan had to work an extra day. We have a busy weekend ahead of us so I’m just trying to get ahead. I’ll tell you, being sick really throws a wrench in your plans. I missed all my cleaning on Wednesday and as much as Bryan tried to get everything done, it’s just too much to keep up with. Especially with him working overtime and being super busy at work.

I hope everyone had a great week! I promise I’ll be back Monday 100%! Thanks for checking on me and have a great weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Well, that was fun!

  1. Love reading your DAILY LIFE!!!!!

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    1. Haha the craziness!! Thank you Vicki!


  2. Boo for the sickies!! Hope your feeling much better!! I would have been happy to come clean for you!!

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    1. Lisa you are so sweet! I just mopped my floors haha I think I am finally caught up! It just took me two days!! LOL


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