Take a Load Off

Haha. Yeah, right! We had another fun busy weekend, guys. On Friday, I picked up our Wal-Mart order. I swear to you, I may never step foot in another Wal-Mart ever again. They bagged my groceries in categories. They loaded them into my car in categories. It was literally amazing.

Anyways, it’s hilarious as adults what we get excited about now. I haven’t stopped telling people about my Wal–Mart pickup. We had our visit with the kids great grandparents. That has become an every Friday morning thing. It’s so funny to watch the kids play with them. I don’t have any grandparents left on my side, so I’m so glad that they have them.

Friday afternoon and Friday evening, we spent a lot of time outside. The kids played in the yard and we went for a nice walk. Bryan was scoping in his bow and getting ready for hunting season.

Saturday morning was a little too cold for us to go to the soccer games. So we stayed home and snuggled for the morning. The afternoon turned into a beautiful day. We spent the evening at a fall party. We picked out pumpkins and we went on a hayride.

The kids loved it and it was so much fun to see how they react to everything this year. Especially since last year they had no idea what was going on around them. Sunday morning we were off to church and spent some time in the afternoon with Bryan’s parents.

On Sunday night, we were off to our weekly family dinner at my parent’s house. All in all, it was a fun filled weekend. We were pretty exhausted and we spent the night with Brooke in our bed and then Bryan moved to his chair to sleep with both boys.

We love molars. We love molars. Haha. I had my second of three books for the Fall release this morning. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! If you haven’t seen it, it’s called ‘Moving On’. Available now on Amazon eBooks.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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