Green Flag to Red Flag

I want to start off by saying that the babes did the best they have EVER done at the races. The night was so much easier on me then any of the other times we’ve taken them. This made our Friday so much better than I had anticipated. Not that I mind, because we were there to show support for the Memorial race and for Bryan racing. It just made it so much nicer for me!

Bryan was all set to go and it took until around 9:30 for his heat race. By that point, the kids were sleeping so we headed up to the track with them in the stroller. This is where our weekend wasn’t going to go as planned. Bryan only made one lap and as soon as he drove past where I was standing, I knew it wasn’t good.

His car was popping and you could just tell it definitely wasn’t right. He pulled off the track before a second lap could even be made. Feeling disappointed, I headed back to the trailer and waited for an answer of some sorts.

It turns out, our racing season is over. There are five races left and with the issues we have with the motor, the time and money to put into it is better spent during the off season. It wasn’t worth it go rush and get things together for just five races. I know he’s disappointed but some years, that’s just racing.

We’ve had years where it seemed like nothing could go right and we’ve had years where things were great. I feel bad because I know he wanted to finish the season a different way but we always say there’s a reason he isn’t racing the end of the year.

The memorial race that was put on for our brother-in-law went so well. Everything went as expected and everyone involved did a great job of holding his memory high. You can check out the pictures I uploaded of the kids with Bryan and I on Instagram!

On the way home, it started to rain. We got home around 1AM and put the kids in bed. They then slept until about seven. That’s a win in my book. Besides, we needed to drop them at my parents at 7:45.

Getting us all out of the house on time, was a challenge but Bryan and I made it to the firehall just ten minutes behind schedule. Another win. We spent the morning setting up a Chinese auction and making sure that everything was ready for Sunday.

Getting the kids home, we started to plan out everything I had to do for the next day. With no racing on Saturday, due to rain and our motor problems, we decided to relax. Haha. That was until we remembered that we had a birthday party that we were going to have to miss because of the races. In a matter of fifteen minutes, we were all bundled up and out the door.

I say bundled up because, it’s no longer summer temperatures. We have hit fall and honestly, aside from the rain, I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE fall. I’m all decorated inside the house. Bryan wouldn’t let me do the outside decorations. He says it’s way too early. We’ll see what the week brings. haha~

So we spent some time with good friends at the birthday party and got home just in time for Bryan to do bath time and I ran to the store. Getting the kids to bed, I was exhausted so I decided to keep everything for the next morning. On top of that, our Pastor who had been diagnosed with ALS just months ago, passed away. My dad called me around nine on Saturday evening to tell us the sad news.

I hated to not be in church but with so much to do, there just wasn’t a way to fit it in. Our thoughts and prayers were with our Church family all day and so many of them came after church and we were able to talk and share our memories of him.

To think that the man who married Bryan and I and then dedicated our three beautiful babes is now with the Lord is an extremely sad but also a happy moment. He is no longer suffering but he has definitely left a void here on earth.

Waking up at 7:30AM when the kids had all been up off and on all night, was not easy. I ran through making my dessert for the benefit. Then I ran through a shower. I actually STRAIGHTENED my hair! That is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I had to be at the firehall at 10. Bryan was taking the kids to his parents and meeting me there at noon. We had a TON of donations for the Chinese auction and we got everything settled once I got there. It was a quarter to twelve and I still hadn’t heard anything from Bryan.

Calling him, he answers and says, “I haven’t even left the house yet. The kids are just in rare form. No one will let me dress them. Everyone is freaking out.” Now. I know that these things happen. But if it’s a quarter to twelve and he’s having that many issues he’s never going to make it to the benefit.

So I proceed to say, “You’re kidding.” And he laughs and says, “Yeah, I’m about to pull in.” RUDE! I was so worried that he had had such a stressful morning and the jerk was totally fine! The kids took about ten to fifteen minutes to settle in and they were all playing with their Grandma and Grandpa.

Running around all day just to make sure that everything is where it needs to be and everyone has what they need to have was basically all I did. I’m so eternally grateful for all the people that were involved with making the benefit happen. Not only that, but to the people that showed up to show their support for our family. We are so lucky to be where we are and to know the people we know.

The kids came with my in-laws around 4. They had a good day but I was so excited to see them. I miss them so much when they’re gone. We got to share them with friends and family and everyone was so happy they got to see them. Getting home we got the kids dinner and into bed by 8:20. Hopefully they wore themselves out a little running around the firehall.

Bryan’s telling me I need to wrap it up so I can sleep some and he’s definitely right! This Mama is TIRED! I hope everyone has a happy Monday and a great start to your week!

3 thoughts on “Green Flag to Red Flag

  1. It was a up and down weekend for sure but turned out to be really good very nice blog hun


  2. Very nice blog hun despite it being a up and down weekend it turned out to be really nice


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