My Husbands Thoughts on What I Think He Doesn’t Understand

So my husband read my blog and this is what he came up with in response. I know that we’ve had these conversations before but I do truly think he was listening and this was actually kind of a fun thing for us to do! It involved him more with my writing and we got to put some feelings out there! 🙂


1. I do understand that you don’t get a break. I just don’t show enough how much it means to me the work that you are doing at home. Reading this has opened my eyes a little bit more. I know you’ve told me but until I was reading it, I didn’t realize how much of a toll it was truly taking on you. There are things that I can pick up and do when I get home from work to help.

2. You are definitely right. Men have the ability to turn their brain off and just focus on what they’re doing. I know you’re always in ‘Mom Mode’ because I’ve seen you cut your own food up into tiny pieces before you eat it.

3. That’s true. I complain about most things when I get home from work. I’m tired and sometimes I forget that you’ve been dealing with all of it while I’ve been gone. I sometimes think that the kids must be worse about listening when I get home. I know that isn’t true but it does cross my mind.

4. I don’t think that you sleep on the couch when you’re supposed to be watching the kids but I think you could. There are things in a day that you do that don’t necessarily have to get done every day. I think you should take more time for yourself to relax but you don’t know how to do that anymore. Mostly because you take such good care of our kids and you do it all so well, I forget that you need a break too.

5.  I know that nothing would get done around the house without you. There are things that I could probably pitch in with that I leave because I want to spend more time with you or the kids. I also want to just sit in my chair and watch TV if I have the time. Next time we’re in the store I’ll pick you up some Bonbons and give you some time to enjoy them.



Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you have a great start to your week!


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