The Sass is Real

Oh, Brookie, Brookie, Brookie. She has been in RARE form! Sometimes, I absolutely love the sass. I think as a little girl she’s going to need that sass to get her through life. Especially with two brothers. There are some days though, that she channels that sass to a whole other level.

When she gives it to her brothers they usually give it right back because they don’t take anything from each other. I love that. I think that it teaches them in the long run that they need to share and to not back down.

When she doesn’t get her way, the stomping of the feet has started. That has turned into laying on the ground and crying. She hasn’t done that outside of the house yet, and for that I’m grateful. I just am kind of at a loss of how to stop it.

Right now, I just let her have her moment and then she gets it together. I try to just keep speaking to her calmly and making sure that I don’t react in a way that could make her think she’s going to get her way if she continues to do that.

I know, she’s not even a year and a half, but the temper tantrums are real! The boys are so laid back so for her personality to be so completely different, I think it’s so funny. It’s usually just at certain parts of the day and in her defense, probably when she’s at her peak of tiredness.

Most of the time, I have to hide a smile. I just think it’s funny to see such a little person have such a passionate want or need for something that she feels she needs to throw a fit. I don’t know if it’s normal for her age but we’re going with it.

The boys usually just watch her and have a look like, ‘what is she doing?’. So anyways, we’re hopefully starting our Monday off with a full nights sleep (Yeah right) and no tantrums. Brody and Brooke did sleep through the night Saturday into Sunday and Brayden was up twice but didn’t have any milk.

Bryan ended up sleeping in his chair with him because he fell asleep but all in all it was a decent night. Probably the best we’ve had in about 4 months. I’m sure more teeth will start to come through and that will change within the week but for now, we’re rolling with it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We were pretty low key. We played outside and stuck close to home. It was nice not to have to be anywhere or do anything. We had a nice morning at church and the babes almost made it through the whole sermon without going to the nursery (nine minutes left).

They used to be okay through the whole hour. Now that they are on the move, unless they’re having a bottle or taking a nap, they don’t want to sit still. The one thing that going every week has taught them though? They are usually pretty quiet. We get compliments on that a lot and for that, I’m grateful. It makes it worth the time to get everyone ready and out the door and I get to actually enjoy the sermon.

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy this week, I hear it’s going to be a hot one! I thought we were almost through under boob sweat season but it seems it’s back with a vengeance this week! 🙂

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