Suck Snot and Pray

Summer colds. Did you just groan to yourself? I know I sure did! My best friend’s poor baby girl has a cold right now. Luckily, knock on wood, the babes have avoided it this time around.

As I was talking to my friend about how her daughter was sick, we were talking about how there wasn’t much you could do. We talked about the cold medicine she was allowed to have per our pediatrician and then we started talking about nose suckers.

She said she felt helpless and I proceeded to tell her all she could do was ‘suck snot and pray’. We both had a pretty good laugh at that, but looking back, it’s the truth. For a baby, there are only so many different things you can do. They have chest rub and humidifiers.

We’re lucky that they even have the honey syrup in case it turns into a cough. Basically, all you really can do is suck their nose and pray. Since the babies were born, I’ve tried at least four different aspirators. Some of them were expensive too! I always go back to the one that I got in the Little Remedies kit. (This is not an ad) I just love it so much.

I asked my friend, do you still have that sucker and luckily she did! It just seemed to fit all three of my kids’ noses perfectly. I may have been overkill on sucking the snot, but I hate a runny nose. I actually couldn’t wait for the day when I can just tell my kids to blow into a Kleenex!

One day, when that does come, I’ll probably be excited when they can blow their nose on their own and I don’t have to hold it! Until then, if my kids are sick I’ll just suck snot and pray! It seems to be working pretty good for me so far!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We’re racing Saturday and Sunday so we will see how that goes and I’ll post at the beginning of the week! šŸ™‚

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