What’s for Dinner??

This week is a busy week for us! I’m with the kids during the day, of course, but at night I’ve been doing Vacation Bible School at my church. I’m always in charge of the music program so I’m busy singing and dancing all week.

Bryan has been doing the Mr. Mom thing every night with the help of his mom and the kids have been in bed every night when I’ve gotten home! I went to the store over the weekend and came up with what we were going to have for dinner each night, so I could have it ready when Bryan got home from work.

We’ve been passing each other basically in the driveway this week so I’ve been getting everything I can done, in order to make the night easier for him. He’s been feeding them dinner and taking them for a walk every night and it’s been a smooth week.

The reason for the name of this blog? I hate making decisions. My day is full of making decisions for three other people and I hate having to decide what to cook for dinner. This isn’t a blog that’s about to tell you what I’m making for dinner. I’m not even asking for suggestions. I just want to take a second to vent about the question.

Bryan came up with this blog because I think he’s sick of the conversation around what we’re having for dinner. We’ve done a lot of quick easy dinner’s this week and I always try to plan two weeks of dinners at a time.

I get to a point where I’m so over eating the same things over and over again, then I try new recipes for about a week, and then I realize I don’t have time to risk a bad meal. I need what works. I need a guarantee. That’s why I always end up back to my ‘go to’s’.

Really, I just don’t want to have to answer, “What’s for dinner?” for an extremely long time. That’s why I started asking Bryan the question before he can ask me. Chances are, I’ll still have to decide, but there’s still a chance that he’ll give me an answer!

Now that he knows my game, I’m sure he’ll say goodbye to me in the mornings and then ask me what’s for dinner. 😛

On a good note, VBS ends tomorrow night and tomorrow morning is Brody’s appointment is tomorrow morning! I’ll try to have an update on him online after his appointment! Fingers crossed for no more cast! Send prayers! 😀

Have a great Wednesday!!!

1 thought on “What’s for Dinner??

  1. Yea making dinner decisions stinks

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