Forever known as ‘The Triplet Mom’

On April 23, 2017, I became known as ‘The Triplet Mom’. I own that. I am completely okay with that label. It is 100% true. I am definitely a Triplet Mom. It’s also not all that I am. I am a wife. I am a writer. I am a singer. I am a lover of God. I love to read.

I am not only a triplet mom. I am a mother to Brody, Brayden, and Brooke. They are triplets but they are also individuals. They all have different likes, wants, and needs. I cater to all of those every day. That’s what moms do.

If everyone is busy assuming that I am too busy to help or too busy to do anything other than be a Triplet Mom, I am not being true to myself. I don’t like to talk about myself too much. If someone is paying me a compliment, my friends always have to yell at me to just accept it.

Sometimes, I need to just toot my own horn, so today that’s what I’m doing. I am not too busy to do other things. Actually, I need to do other things! I will go crazy if all I do, is cater to my three babes. I love that job, I’m eternally grateful and blessed to have that job. I try my hardest every day to excel at that job. I still need to do other things.

Right now, I have SIXTEEN books available on amazon. FOUR have been written and published since the babies have been born. That’s a lot of writing and keeping up with three babies. I have my blog that I am LOVING. This will be my 21st post! Don’t count me out!

If you need something from me, don’t assume I can’t do it just because I have three kids. I was busy before I had three kids and I always made sure that everything was done. I was always a list maker. If you’ve read my previous blogs you also know I’m extremely punctual. As this year has continued, I’ve realized that I have time to do the things that I used to do.

If the choir is set to sing at church, don’t assume that I can’t just because I’m too busy. I will always make time for the things I enjoy. If I can take three kids to watch their Daddy race when those times come, I can make time to sing a song.

I’ve realized a lot about myself over the last two years. I didn’t think I could have a baby. Voila, I made and had three! I worried that I wouldn’t have enough energy and love for three babies. Voila, I sure do have enough energy and there is ALWAYS enough love to go around. I didn’t think I could get three babies on a decent enough schedule to still enjoy my time with them and have time for myself. I sure did that, too!

I’m not saying I did that on my own. I pray A LOT. I thought I prayed a lot whenever I wanted a baby? I pray three times that amount to be the mother that they can be proud of. That’s why, if you need something done or you need help, I’ll probably do that better and faster than anything else.

I live to prove to not only myself, but everyone else, that I CAN be everything to my kids and to my loved ones. If I truly am too busy, let me be the one to tell you I can’t do something. Let me be the captain of my ship! Having three babies is my normal! I have to be able to have a life and have my children or else I’ve failed.

We have a busy weekend ahead so I’m writing this a little earlier than I normally would. Bryan is racing Saturday so I’ll post pictures on Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday!

10 thoughts on “Forever known as ‘The Triplet Mom’

  1. You are amazing!

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  2. As the saying goes…” ask someone who is busy to get it done and it will be done…. to perfection!!”

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  3. sending lots of love to you my dear

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  4. You continue to amaze me!! What a truly beautiful person you are!!

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  5. I love this!! My triplets are 18 months old. I still feel like people think “That’d be too much for me, it must be for her too,” and then exclude me, accidentally. I’ve even found that my husband are often not invited for adult get togethers because it’s assumed we wouldn’t have the childcare. While we don’t have a line up free family sitters like many with one do (at least in our circle) we do have several awesome girls we can hire. We need a break too! I’ve found that my friends who get it are the multiple mama friends I’ve made from our twin and triplet club. No one questions if you can handle what they are about to ask you to do because they are handling it too. I also am more than just a triplet mom and I don’t want to lost my identity. 🙂 Thanks for this post. I loved it!

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