So much and so little

I received a couple messages because I missed last week! With Halloween, the babes 18 month check up, and a little friends get together on Saturday night I was crazy busy. On top of that, I had Bryan home with me for FIVE days and I took advantage of it!

We had some great family time! Last week we carved our pumpkins on Friday and had a little cousins Halloween party on Sunday night. We ate fun Halloween foods and played some fun creepy games! Our week started off with the babes appointment on Tuesday. We went through vaccinations and developmental progress. We continue to hear how blessed we are with these three healthy and developmentally ahead babies.

They are chattering away and learning all of the hand eye coordination that they should be. Brooke grew THREE inches in six months. Every time I hear their results I just picture these three little preemies in my arms. It’s starting to get a little harder to carry them all at the same time haha.

On Wednesday, we started Bryan’s little mini staycation. He was going to go bow hunting but due to weather, we got to keep him the whole time! Lucky for us and the deer, unlucky for him. I know he was looking forward to getting some hunting in.

For Halloween, we got the babies dressed and ready and we headed off to start the night at his parents. We got to see his parents, grandparents, and Aunt Kara. Then we were off to swing through my Aunt’s house and she made little goodies for the babies. We reminisced how two years ago on Halloween, we found out we were having TRIPLETS.

Our lives are so different now and it makes us laugh and feel so blessed at the same time. Two years ago, we had no idea what my pregnancy would have in store for us. Now? Seeing them run around and play, it’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before.

After my Aunt’s, we headed to my parents where we met up with all the babies cousins, and went around the neighborhood. Luckily the rain held off a bit for us. Our three little piggies did great keeping their costumes on.

Check out my Instagram for pictures of carving pumpkins and their costumes! On Thursday, I received some great news for myself. I was asked to make two new books to add onto two separate series that I’ve already written. We’ve received so much buzz about them, that I need to get busy! The beginning of the year is going to another big time for book releases!

On Friday, we spent our time close to home, catching up on laundry and cleaning. We were having friends over on Saturday and I needed to have the day to prepare. Saturday was a fun-filled day with laughter and food. Always food.

We had so much fun hanging out with our friends and family. Sunday morning, I was singing in church so I was there early and Bryan took on the task of getting the kids ready and meeting me there. After church, I had Christmas Cantata practice. When I got home, we got the kids to take a nap and Bryan laid down as well. I was able to sit down and start preliminary writing on one of my new books.

Once the babies woke up, we ran to my parents for Sunday night dinner and we were able to take some fall pictures and some cousin pictures!! You’ll see those soon. That pretty much sums up our last week and a half! I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great start to your week! Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “So much and so little

  1. Busy Busy Busy!! 💙❤️💙 love the updates !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!! But such a good busy!!! 😍


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