Turtles and Tink!


Happy Monday everyone! Just a quick update on our weekend!! Saturday morning, I spent cleaning so that was pretty boring. Haha. Saturday afternoon, though, we got to go to my cousins twins’ birthday party! The twins turned four and they had Jungle Bob and Tinkerbell come for the party!

We had so much fun visiting with our family and the kids loved the party. They got to go scooping for turtles in a pool and paint on fairy houses. Tinkerbell even got Brookie to smile at her, which is a total win!

It was a long drive to get there so our schedule was thrown a little on the way home. Brody and Brooke adjusted a little bit better then Brayden did. He was up basically all night.

We still got our butts in gear on Sunday morning and made our way into church. I’m officially into Christmas Play season, which means we are going to be busy! We have the Kids Christmas Play, an adult Christmas Cantata, and I volunteered to be a CLC teacher.

I usually am involved in the two but CLC is going to be a new adventure for me. I’m so excited to watch the Lord working through the kiddos in our church. I’ve been feeling a little ‘off the path’ lately being so tied up in the kids. I’m excited to be reconnected to God in a new way.

After church, I left the kids home to nap with Bryan and I went to my nephew’s baseball game. It was nice to be able to stand and give him my full attention. I grew up going to my brothers’ baseball games so it is always nice to watch my brothers now coach their kids.

I’m excited, yet mortified, for the time when we are involved in sports. Hopefully, to begin, my kids will all want to do the same things! Fingers crossed! After that, we had a nice visit with Bryan’s parents here at home and then we headed over to my parents for our weekly family dinner.

We ate too much food and enjoyed each others company. Now, I’m home and ready to start our week. Looks like it should be calm and I get to add CLC on Wednesday nights to my to do list. I’m finalizing picking out the play and reviewing the cantata for my dad. Once that’s done, then let the practicing begin!

I hope everyone has a great start to their week. Come back Wednesday and see my Mom Hack for the week!


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