Oh, Hello Again Monday

I missed you guys on Friday! It was a crazy week and then I spent my morning on Friday at Walmart, instead of writing. Trust me, I would’ve much rather been sending out a blog!

I’m excited about my ‘Mom Hack Wednesdays’ for the next couple of weeks! I don’t know what we’ll be doing after that but I know it’s going to be fun. As I said, Friday I started off at the store and visiting with Bryan’s grandparents.

After that, I made our ‘non-toxic’ Playdough and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! The babes have been sleeping a little bit better for us. They’ve even been taking decent naps for me. I probably shouldn’t put that out there. We just put them to bed so hopefully I didn’t jinx it.

After an uneventful Friday night, we spent Saturday morning at the soccer fields! My niece and nephew both played games and if you saw my Instagram post, the babes did great! We had plenty of snacks and plenty of water.

Last year, our going to soccer games was a little bit different. The babies mostly just stayed in their carriers, or they were being held. Now? They want to join in on the running around. I love it. It’s so funny how our lives have changed in a year.

When we got home, I ran around the house and cleaned here and there while we played. My sister-in-law came for dinner and a visit and the kids played all night. After not napping all day, it was an early to bed kind of night.

Brody slept all night until six and Brayden and Brooke were only up once. We made it to church and Brooke and Brody made it through the service. With about twenty minutes left, Brayden was ready for his nap but definitely didn’t want to go to sleep. We played in the nursery until the end of the service.

Making our way home, we didn’t have dinner with my family because my mom and dad had a party to go to. That left Bryan and I with a ‘quiet’ night at home. Bryan went and worked on his car for a bit and we basically just stuck to home.

I’m excited for a relatively calm week. We have to go to a health fair for Bryan’s work so that will make for an interesting day. I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and a great start to your week! Come back on Wednesday to see my Mom Hack of the Week!


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