Crying Over Spilt Milk

I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to do that. But see, my kids have developed a habit. That habit includes walking around with their bottles and ‘drawing pictures’ as my husband calls it, on the wood floors. As you all know, I am a recovering OCD neat freak! My children are my rehab for those habits.

That means that I have to clean my floors EVERY NIGHT, if I don’t want to see milk marks everywhere. I know what you’re thinking. Tricia, just take the bottles off of them and don’t let them walk around with them.

Of course, I’ve tried this! Normally, if they’re done with their bottles, I take them right to the sink or the refrigerator. However, they have now started doing it while they’re still eating.

They will literally take a break and draw pictures while they’re in the middle of a bottle! As much as the milk marks bother me, I can’t take their bottles from them before they’ve actually finished drinking.

This isn’t a complaint. I just clean my floors an extra night a week so that I don’t go crazy. I just think it’s funny the different habits they form. I mean, at fifteen months, they are all doing these types of things. And of course, as soon as one sees another doing it, they all want to join in!

They have even figured out how to hold the tops of their sippy cups in order to get the liquid out. So, now it’s not even just milk. It’s water and juice as well! Anyways, this just goes into the other habits that my kids do. Like, when they’re falling asleep they all play with their hair. Sometimes, if they’re close enough they’ll play with their brother or sisters hair.

None of them want to eat off of a spoon or fork anymore. At least not for the first two bites. It’s like they discovered eating with your hands and the game was over. They will take their first two bites by feeding themselves and then they’ll let you feed them. This again, is all three of them.

None of them are thumb suckers or bink takers. I honestly feel like sometimes they would sleep a little better if they were. In the long run, it makes it easier because we don’t have to break them of that habit. We thought for a minute that two of them might be thumb suckers but they faked us out on that one. Binks, they just like to try and play with them as toys.

Does anyone else’s kids have funny habits? I know it’s things like this that they’ll eventually just stop doing but for now, I’m crying over spilt milk everyday! 🙂

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Crying Over Spilt Milk

  1. Mandii had her last “bot” laying in the chair and she bent her ear in 1/2 and rubbed her finger over the pointy part and would continue doing so when she was put to bed!

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