An Apple a Day!

Hey everyone! As you know, the babies had a doctors appointment yesterday. Everything went really well. They’re all growing like crazy and Brayden is catching up to Brody! They are looking more and more alike everyday. He’s less than a pound lighter now and I love it! Brooke is now the peanut. By .04 Ounces haha.

The doctor asked about their speaking and how much they were talking. As she was asking, the babies were all talking around her and she just had to laugh. I guess they wanted to give her an example of how much they talk.

They were all walking around and also, of course, trying to get on the laptop. Pretty much what they do to me every time they see mine out.

They did so well with the check up portion and Brody even fell asleep with my mom while we were waiting for our shots. When I took Brayden in, he got his shots and then he didn’t want to let me go. My poor mom had to take Brody and Brooke both in for their shots.

We’re getting used to the babies new car seats, and since they aren’t carriers, we get to walk in and out of places. I have to have someone with me for right now, since Brody isn’t 100% walking on his own and, oh yeah, I only have two hands. Until they learn to listen and they can hold each others hands as well, we will always go somewhere with someone else.

My mom stayed for a bit of the afternoon to get us settled and then my cousin came over to hang out until Bryan got home from work. I was spoiled yesterday. I had a day full of adults speaking to me and playing with my babies.

Bryan took the kids for a walk so I could get the house back in order. With his birthday being on Wednesday we had missed our cleaning night and my floors were screaming for me.

Then we got a surprise visit from friends after bath time. Seriously spoiled. Their kids played with the babes and it was hilarious to watch. I love seeing them interact with other and watching their little personalities come out.

All in all, we had a great week. Hopefully we don’t have any reactions to their vaccinations and we can carry on. Luckily, I have Bryan home for Friday through Sunday. He’s racing Saturday, so we’re praying for no rain!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Apple a Day!

  1. Have a relaxing weekend !! Lol !! God bless your beautiful family !! 💙❤️💙

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