Mind Reader Mama

Mom’s are amazing! I used to wonder how my mom knew everything. Now, I find myself figuring things out that my kids want all day long and I think, intuition. I never believed that there was any type of automatic adjustment that women make as mothers but there totally is!

Today, the kids were playing in their playroom and I was cooking lunch. I was watching them on the monitor and saw that Brayden had started crying. When I started walking toward the room, Brooke walked out past me and she was carrying a shoe. Brayden was sobbing as if it was the end of the world. I smirked to myself, got the other shoe out, handed it to him and INSTANTLY he stops crying.

I know, I know. That was an obvious one. Things like this happen every day and since my kids aren’t able to tell me what they want, I have to just know. In the beginning, there were days where I felt like nothing I could do would get them to stop trying to tell me they needed something. Now, I’ve got this in the bag. I’m sure next week that that will change but as of right now, I’m going to soak in the glory.

Food, diaper change, and milk are the obvious ‘go to’s’. But when it’s something off of that list and not as obvious as Brooke stole their toy, you see it. They have subtle ways of telling you but I firmly believe there is a mother’s intuition.

When they want to look or go outside, it’s not always that obvious. Then you all head outside for a change of scenery and BAM everyone’s happy. I have technology on my side as well. Brooke is really good for closing doors now. (The toy room door is literally attached to the dresser with a string so she can’t shut them in there.) And before you ask, yes the dresser is secure ;).

Since I can watch them on the video monitor, I can tell her to stop and she looks around like, “How in the heck is she seeing me?” It’s one of those, ‘Mama has eyes on the back of her head, child’ moments and I LOVE IT!

I know I won’t always see everything and hear everything, but I do hope that this intuition keeps it up because some days, I feel like Super Mom. I know you other mom’s know this feeling! I am not crazy. We all used to think that our parents knew everything. I’m sure that we gave the same subtle hints but there is definitely something to said about a Mother’s Intuition!

Today is Bryan’s birthday. We are celebrating with his favorite dinner and some cake so if you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’ll be in the kitchen for most of the afternoon!

Tomorrow the babes have to go to their fifteen month check up. Doctor days aren’t our favorite especially with vaccinations but thank God I love our pediatrician’s office! That helps relieve some of the stress!

I hope everyone has a great hump day! Thanks so much for reading!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mind Reader Mama

  1. I enjoy the reads!! Busy Mom you are…. ❤️

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