Nothing is Safe!

Guys…this morning, Brooke and Brody woke up before Brayden. Not uncommon. I’m out in the living room playing with the two of them when Brayden started to wake up. It takes about .2 seconds for me to walk into their nursery to get him and bring him back into the living room.

In that time, I proceeded to lose Brooke. Now, my house is a gated home. On the inside, of course. We always laugh and say we moved into a gated community the week they all started crawling. So, just to say, there aren’t many places that she could be.

That’s why I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when her little head popped up from behind the TV stand. Really? Now how in the heck am I going to get her out of there? She’s laughing hysterically like she found the best hiding spot from me. This causes me to laugh as I try to figure out how to get her out.

I have two towers and two speaker towers on each side of my TV stand. The TV takes up the width of the stand and there’s a gate in front of the TV stand because they figured out how to change channels on our DVR. Please picture me, straddling over the gate in front of the TV stand. Brooke laughing. Me laughing. And her brothers now trying to figure out how she got back there. They’re laughing. We were a hot mess by the time I got her out of there.

Needless to say, there is now a toy in front of the gap from the wall and the first tower so no one can get behind the TV. Every day I wake up and wonder what I’m going to have to move in order to keep my sanity for the day.

Yesterday, they were obsessed with crawling over their chairs into the corner of the tile in front of our fireplace. All so they could try and see if they are tall enough to look out the window. (Not quite yet boys and girl) STOP GROWING SO FAST!

Mind you, everything we have, phones, iPads, kindles, laptops, remotes. It all goes up on top of the couch or our chairs. Even on top of the mantle. If you ever need to find anything in my house, start looking at the highest point.

You name it they’ve figured out how to get to it. It’s absolutely hysterical to me. My end tables are turned around because, not only do they crawl under them onto the shelf, but they also learned how to open the drawers. As I mentioned, they figured out the DVR. They’re constantly on the look out for any type of electronic device.

My friend has a six month old. She came over for a visit today. It was her second time over this week and I have to say, speaking and having someone respond back to me? Highlight of my week! BUT, she had to keep moving all of her stuff because not only was there one child on her like white on rice, there were three.

It’s so funny to watch. Her poor six month old can’t even hold a toy without my kids going for it. ‘Oh she’s getting your drink’ or ‘Oh watch your bag is open’ or ‘No that’s not your bottle’ came out of my mouth every five seconds.

My husband and I say, ‘nothing is safe’ at least twenty times on a daily basis! Seriously, yesterday, Brayden slid a box (just a small box that holds books) out of their playroom all the way into the living room, stepped up on it and climbed onto the couch!

We had another friend over for a visit last night, and every time she took a picture or a video, Brooke would find it. You put it under your leg, there’s Brooke circling around from the other side. The continue to make me laugh at how curious they are every day.

With Brooke being the only one walking completely on her own, I can’t wait to see what we get into when all three of them are officially walking. Poor Brody has been doing so well, we just have two more days until he can finally stand and walk on his leg with the cast. He hears ‘on your butt’ at least fifty times a day.

So if you’re visiting us, remember to keep your stuff up on a high ledge, because absolutely NOTHING is safe in this house!! 😀

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