How Did We Survive?

I was just talking to a good mom friend of mine and we were talking about different stages and how well we can adapt to, little to no sleep. I was thinking about to the triplets first year and how I was surviving on two hours of sleep a night.

If I tried to only sleep for two hours a night right now, I would probably not survive. We were laughing because at the time it was so normal and it was just what you do, but now that I get a solid (at least) six hours of sleep, I don’t think I could hack it!

The thing about getting two hours of sleep, I was also still managing to interact and FUNCTION. Now I’m wondering HOW! My sleeping habits have been thrown through our sickness and some of my anxiety has been shining through after the miscarriage and I just am wondering how I did make it through that first year with the babies.

Now if I get five hours of sleep it takes me an extra hour in the morning to start functioning properly. I had to just kind of laugh at myself because it’s not like I have the excuse that I’ve never gone without sleep.

I guess it really is true when I would tell people you just do what you have to do. Although, when you stop having to do it, it’s really hard to try and start doing that again. I’ve been staying up later to make up for the things I don’t get done during the day. Then the kids have been waking up earlier and they are ready to start their day immediately.

Another season to adjust and adapt and we’ll make it through. Honestly, this post was just me coming here to say, if you’re in a season of not sleeping, remember it’s a season. If you’re in a season of actual sleep, I hope that it isn’t a season. HaHa. We will all make it through! One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time! Hope you’re having a blessed week and as always please reach out if you have any prayer requests!

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