You can only get so tired, right?

I put up a few of my favorite pictures of the babies yesterday from our mini vacation! We had a great time. Bryan got to go fishing with the guys and I got to spend my time on the beach with the babes.

Since Brody broke his leg, we didn’t get to put up our sandbox this year, but I can say with certainty that next year, it will be a hit! They LOVED the sand. Brody is my little water bug so he didn’t mind sitting down at the edge of the water, where Brayden and Brooke want someone dipping them into the water.

I’ll probably be posting pictures all week, because it was hard to pick just a few favorites. We also thought that the babies played so hard that they would sleep really well for us. The boys took their bottles and went down right at the exact time the normally do for bed. Brookie on the other hand, was ready to party!

She stayed outside with us at the fire and then still didn’t fall asleep until 11:30. It seemed like we just fell asleep when Brayden woke up at 1:30. Brody then woke up at 1:45 and the boys thought it was play time. They fought going back to sleep until we FINALLY got them asleep at 4:00.

I had JUST laid down in bed, when Brookie woke up at 4:15. Taking care of this, all while hoping you aren’t waking anyone else up in the house was no small feat. My mom actually came out and said she would rock with Brooke, and  Bryan and I got to sleep until Brayden woke up at 7.

With another day at the beach ahead of us, we were in trouble. There were three cranky babies who needed to just fall asleep but couldn’t. There was too much to see. Too much to do. That’s when we found out the beach was closed for the day.

Finding a backup plan, was not easy. We ended up just playing and hanging out at the house. I tried taking them for a ride in the car while Bryan went fishing and Brayden and Brooke fell asleep, but Brody was not having it.

Later when Bryan was back, we took them for a longer ride where they slept for maybe 45 minutes. When we got back the boys woke up and Brooke stayed asleep. We knew we were going to eat dinner and be back on the road for two hours to get home.

Crossing our fingers, we got in the car, gave the babies their bottles and headed home. They slept the whole way home We got them into their cribs and Brooke and Brody woke up around 2:30. They went right back to sleep and Brayden was up at 4. Once he was back in bed, Brody was the first to wake up at 8:30.

It was definitely the night’s sleep we needed. All in all, the trip with family was so much fun. The babes loved the beach and I got to hang out with my cousins. Someone asked me if it was worth all the extra work. It definitely was. I still need normalcy. Doing trips may take the extra energy and it may take me a week to recover, but it was definitely worth it.

Each year it will get easier and easier and I will get better and better at being prepared. This year, I decided that more was more. I packed extra for every case scenario and there wasn’t anything we needed that I didn’t have. I was super proud of myself for having everything.

Eventually, I will be more intuitive to the things we don’t need and I’ll probably be able to pack a little lighter. For now, the house was all packed up and we were prepared for anything.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you have a happy Monday! I’ll be chasing around the babes and trying to get everything reorganized at home today! 🙂

2 thoughts on “You can only get so tired, right?

  1. Enjoying all your blogs!! You sure are making alot of great memories. God bless you all !!

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