High Risk Pregnancy

We were super lucky, that the only reason we were considered high risk, was because I was carrying triplets. Our babies were growing perfectly and our identical set were sharing their fluids well. My husband and I were super anxious going into our first meeting with our doctors. We didn’t know what to expect but we knew they were going to have to lay everything out for us.

No one carrying babies, especially after waiting so long to be pregnant, wants to hear all the things that can go wrong in their pregnancy. This is why, when we left our first meeting, my husband and I decided we needed to pray about everything. I know that if it weren’t for my faith, I wouldn’t have made it through my pregnancy the way I did.

They even had to tell us about the process of reduction. Asking us if we wanted to consider taking away one or two of our babies. This was something that I didn’t even know was a possibility. It made me physically ill that they had to tell us about this process. We immediately told them that there was a reason I was carrying three babies and if that was God’s plan then that was what we were following.

I had to keep reminding myself that none of this was in my hands. We would go get a sonogram first and then meet with our doctors. There were times where the sonograms would take hours just to get the measurements they needed. I didn’t mind as long as it meant that they were okay. We drove over an hour each way to get to our appointments every two weeks. We knew that that was the best place for us to be.

When we hit twenty eight weeks, the doctors told us that we probably wouldn’t make it much longer. We were seeing them twice a week by this point. I was doing non stress tests and sonograms. The babes were growing great but in triplet pregnancies it’s normal to go into labor that early.

Everyday I just prayed and prayed that we would make it another week. At thirty weeks they congratulated us for making it to another milestone. I was staying off my feet and my husband was catering to me. He wanted those babies to cook in there as long as possible too. Our identical babies were sharing everything that they needed and my fluid levels were doing great.

Everything was right on track. They were going to let me get to thirty five weeks and then they were going to deliver the babies. We were getting closer and our doctors were impressed with how well everything was going. I was still getting sick every day but that never mattered to me.

We remodeled the house just as my husband had planned. Redoing two of our three bedrooms and getting them ready for the babies. We also redid one of our bathrooms so it was ready for baby baths and for them to use as they got older. We put all of the cribs in one room and all of the dressers in another. The closet space in both was going to fill up quickly.

They told us to call if I felt anything different. I was feeling the same up until thirty two weeks. I was obviously, more tired. I was feeling run down. I was also feeling like they were moving around a little less because they were running out of room. With every kick my ribs and bladder were taking the brunt of it.

We made it through Easter and then we made it SIX more day! Almost thirty three weeks. That was when my water broke! Come back for my next blog! I’ll tell you all about the day the babes made their entrance into this world!!!


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